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The Comic Couch: Episode 9

The Comic Couch

Weekly podcast straight out of Larry's Comics in Lowell, Massachusetts. We cover all things comic related, from books to movies. Contains explicit language and spoilers.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Episode 9

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so if you haven't read this weeks books, and you don't want them spoiled, don't listen until you read your books!

Wow! Episode 9 is done and in the bag. We have to apologize, about 40 minutes in there was some Technical problems, and we lost 25 minutes of the podcast. Blame Denny.

This week we review Superman/Batman #50, Wolfskin Annual #1, Dresden Files #4, True Believers #1, and of course Wolverine #67, part 2 of the Old Man Logan Saga.

Also we tend to cuss quite a bit, so if you have little dainty ears, don't listen you will be offended:)

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