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The Comic Couch: The Comic Couch Episode 142

The Comic Couch

Weekly podcast straight out of Larry's Comics in Lowell, Massachusetts. We cover all things comic related, from books to movies. Contains explicit language and spoilers.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Comic Couch Episode 142

Hi folks, welcome to our short show.

This is our new format to make the most of your time.

On the Couch today we have Mike and Patrick talking about

just how much they love Fear Itself Book III.

The scarascum is enough to burn through the Couch.

Denny is very upset that his DCU is ending on 8/31/2011

but that did not stop us from reviewing two Flashpoint books.

Batman:Knight of vengeance and Abin-Sur:Green Lantern.

We also comment of the Super 8 mini book in the DC books.

Until next time.


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