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The Comic Couch: May 2011

The Comic Couch

Weekly podcast straight out of Larry's Comics in Lowell, Massachusetts. We cover all things comic related, from books to movies. Contains explicit language and spoilers.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Comic Couch Episode 141

Happy Memorial Day weekend.

We hope you have time to sit down and listen to us while you are eating your burgers and hot dogs.

Denny, Jarrod, Patrick, and Shaun are only too happy to eat the left overs.

DC released a little Flash-Point map last week.

What do you think of a world without France?

We reviewed a book called Tattered-Man that looks a little too much like DC's Raggman #3 that came out in 1991.

You tell us what you think.

The reviews...

Tattered-Man one shot.

Kirby Genesis #0.

Strange Adventures one shot.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Comic Couch Episode 140

Welcome to the Comic Couch where Denny defends his decision on not seeing Thor.

It is sooooo messed up you have to listen to it.

Sitting on the Couch next to Denny is Jarrod, Mike, and Shaun.

Patrick couldn't take Denny's Strange Tales.

We review....

Vamperilla: Scarlet Legion #1.

Rocketeer Adventures #1.

Alpha Flight #.1.

Batman: Gates of Gotham #1.

Batman & Robin #23.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Comic Couch Episode 139

Welcome to this weeks show where we talk about comic books and comic book related things
except Larry. At one point he thought we were a sports blog when he started talking about the Boston Bruins.
Denny still refuses to see Thor and his reasons are getting weirder and weirder.
Jarrod loved the movie but if you know him you are not surprised.
Patrick loved the movie because he did not have to read it.
Mike loved it because he likes anything in 3-D.
Shaun hasn't seen it yet.
Denny still defends his Green Hornet movie.
We review....
Flash #12.
Flash point #1. (Grant Morrison is shown how to write something the proper way).
Punisher Max #12.
Mega_Man #1.
Total Recall#1.
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Comic Couch: Special FCBD Show

Welcome to our FCBD pod-cast where there is no buy or not buy.

In this Special Edition we have Denny, Patrick, Mike and Larry.

Denny tells us how he rather spend money on the Green Hornet DVD

then go see the new Thor movie. OMG!

We let you know if you should pick up or pass by these free books.
Amazing Spider-Man.
Intrepid Escape Goat(3rd World).
The Stuff Of Legend(3rd World).
Green Lantern.
Flash point.
Any comments?

The Comic Couch Episode 137

Welcome to the Couch.

Sitting there tonight we have Denny, Jarrod, and Mike.

And, these guys hate everything even without Patrick to influence them.
We review....
X-Men: Prelude to Schism #1.
Moon girl #1.
Fear Itself Book 2.
Moon-Knight #1.

We do end the show with something positive....

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Comic couch Episode 136

Welcome to our short show this week.

We did an ALL DC this week.

We did a short one because we were getting ready for Boston Comic Con.

We only had Denny, Jarrod, and Mike.

Denny sang a Joan Jett song to Mike.

It was kind of creepy.

We reviewed....

Brightest Day #24.

JSA #50.

Justice League:Generation Lost #24.

This is really Episode 136 despite what Denny says.

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